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workshop at home_FotorAs you could see it in MEET KATINKA and MY FOOD PHILOSOPHY sections my passion is food. Fresh, clean, colorful, healthy, happy, wholesome food. I am a foodie… hence most of my workshops are built on – in some shape or form – food. Food that nourishes you whatever your goals might be: eating better, creating a more energetic you, getting pregnant, being pregnant, postpartum or just wanting to wow your guest with some super delish, yet good for you feasts.

So… I facilitate workshops in Orlando and teach how to eat better and live better. My goal is to help you realize that living a healthy lifestyle can be super delicious and doable at the same time! Lot of you know where to find healthy recipes, but do you know how to make it part of your life? Do you know where to get the best ingredients and how to store and prep them for optimum nutrient retention?

My cooking classes include recipes that are simple and build on each other so that you can cook once and enjoy it twice (at least 🙂 – helping you with a smooth transition into your new lifestyle.

My workshops are designed to provide you with:

  • an interesting lecture about the key topic (should it be a condition or any of the topics below)
  • simple, yet delicious recipes that lot of times build on each other to follow my “Cook once, eat twice” philosphy
  • a fun, live demonstration how to prepare the recipes
  • discussion of the healing properties of ingredients
  • sharing benefits and a taste of various superfoods used in the recipes
  • tips and trick on best usage, storage and preparation of the ingredients
  • handout with all recipes and key talking points
  • inspiration to get into your own kitchen
  • connection and chance for nourishing discussion with like-minded individuals
  • and of course samples from all demonstrated recipes – all organic, gluten and dairy free meals, prepared with lots of love
  • in the welcoming environment of my own kitchen.

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