I am here to share with you my passion to live an authentic, abundant, happy, healthy, sparkling, vibrant life – that all starts with health. While everyone will most likely have their own definition when asked What Health is, one is for sure: You need health to live life to the fullest!

The simplest way of jumping into health and starting a better lifestyle (because yes, I don’t believe in diets, it has to be a lifestyle) is to eat better – by making step-by-step, sustainable changes, testing a new recipe, a new ingredient, a new routine – one step at a time.

Eat gloriously colorful, nutrient charged, real food! This is where my passion lies. Inspiring people to eat meals bursting with nutrients and flavor, meals that truly heal. My studies as Culinary Nutrition Expert allow me to look at food as medicine and look at food from a new, healing perspective.

Once you get hooked on healthy eating you will realize that you want more, you deserve more! You will want to live better, think better and do better. And I am here to hold your hand and go through this journey so that you can spend your time on focusing on the outcomes, rather than researching the how’s.

Join me, on a journey of good health that provides you with the wonderful benefits of:

  • abundant energy,
  • vibrant living,
  • positive emotions,
  • glowing inside and out
  • and natural weight loss!

I offer one-on-one health coaching if you would like a customized roadmap and also lead workshops if you prefer a group setting.

Since I become a new mom, I found my passion within the fields of health, cooking and coaching. As we prepared for our pregnancy I knew that carrying and caring for a new human being will require me to take my health to the next level. Doing all my research made me realize my new purpose as a Health Coach and Culinary Nutritionista: to support new / soon to be moms on the start of this amazing journey with nutrient-dense recipes, meal plans and various other ways to nourish themselves and their babies. Read more about my Pregnancy and Postpartum NourishMEnt packages here.

My Services

If you have other ways in mind how I could support you in hopping on this health train, I am open to listen and make it work. Drop me a line, I would love to hear from you!

  • Should your company need a cheerleader for health, I am happy to come out, I love pubic speaking!
  • Should your pantry need a re-do, I can support making the parting decisions and re-organize.
  • Should you need some support at the grocery store to stay in your budget while still making the best choices to nourish your body, I can certainly help with that as well!
  • I can also help you to do a private cooking party, cater your book club or teach your family how to have fun in the kitchen.