What is a better time to transition into a healthier lifestyle, then when you are thinking about starting a family? Health is the best foundation you can invest in so you can enjoy a long, quality life with your loved ones. Health is also the most generous gift you can give to your future children. How can you do that? Well, it starts before conception, with getting your and your partner’s heath to optimal level. Then it goes like this: a healthy pregnancy, nutritionally and emotionally balanced postpartum period and developing healthy habits with your little one.

Starting with my first pregnancy I realized there is a lot that is not said at the doctor’s / midwife’s office. Nothing about pre-conception diet / lifestyle, and even during pregnancy you get some very high level nutrition and lifestyle guidelines (yes, we don’t eat sushi and drink cocktails when we are pregnant…). It really is our responsibility to research what we believe is the best for us and our babies. Being a “health nut” I knew one thing: I wanted to provide the little life growing inside me with the absolute best, healthiest start. So I researched, read and researched a bit more. Books started to show up on our doorstep and countless open browser tabs on my computer. Essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, supplements, toxins, cravings, feelings etc. I wanted to know it all. And now, combining my knowledge and experiences as a Health Coach and a Nutritionista I would like to share it all with you!

My mommyhood packages are built on the foundation of:

  • a clean, whole food diet: naturally gluten and (optionally) dairy free.
  • a holistic, mind-body-spirit approach.
  • and practicality – how to embed the nourishment you need into your daily life.

Mommyhood Packages

Get a comprehensive NourishMEnt!

If you are ready to jump in with two feet and commit to your and your baby’s health and well-being both during and after pregnancy  (and also like a great deal) let me suggest to you my Deluxe Package! It combines the benefits of the Pregnancy and Postpartum Basic PLUS packages, giving you the opportunity to learn at your own pace. It allows you to prepare for postpartum while you still have the baby in the belly – which I highly recommend. This way you can take your sweet time exploring recipes and lifestyle options so that you have this part down by the time you have your hands full with your bundle of joy.

This package provides the benefits of exploring the vast amount of practical information, recipes and meal plans on your own. It also offers you further inspiration and sense of community and belonging via two live workshops.


NourishMEnt Deluxe Package:

Pregnancy Basic Package – “An Expecting Mama’s Nourishment Playbook”:

  • Two 1-week meal plans
  • Recipes for meal plans and beyond
    • to nourish you and your baby 
    • fit majority of dietary choices as they are all free of major allergens (gluten, dairy, corn and soy) – hence they can be easily adjusted to various dietary choices
  • Natural solutions for most common pregnancy symptoms (cravings, morning sickness, fatigue, digestive issues, etc.)
  • Practical, research-based lifestyle guide
  • Supplement and herb guide
  • Direct access to me via Private group

Postpartum Basic Package – “A New mama’s Nourishment Playbook”

  • Two 1-week meal plan
  • Recipes for meal plan and beyond
    • again all my recipes are free of major allergens
    • lactation supporting
    • energy boosting
    • freezable
  • Tips to prepare for a strong birth and beyond
  • Practical, research-based lifestyle guidelines for a healthy fourth trimester
  • Detailed Supplement Guide
  • Direct access to me via Private group for 3 months postpartum

NourishME – Expecting Mommies Workshop

NourishME – New Mommies Workshop

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