What is Health?

Health can have a different meaning for each individual… absence of disease, waking up happy and ready to action each day, doing yoga, eating good food, playing with grandchildren, doing daily tasks without pain… The World Health Organization’s definition is: “the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Most of us have our own explanation, all slightly different, while we all would like to move towards it. Wouldn’t it be great to have a standard definition, so that we have an understanding where we are so that we know where we are headed?

I would like to share with you a with you a simple approach, I learned from one of my teachers, Josh Gitalis. He makes a very important point that our heath is never stagnant, we are always moving towards or away from disease. Just like a forest… everything is growing or decaying, but never stagnant. If we don’t do something each day to improve our health, we are slowly going down on the slope of health. I am here and would love to help you to keep building your vibrant, abundant HEALTH!

Slope of Health Diagram


Slope of Health – from the Lifestyle aspect

  • Heredity – As we all know, genes we got from our parents have strengths and weaknesses. Not common knowledge however, that not all genes get expressed! Whether they get expressed or not is based on diet and lifestyle: smoking, alcohol, poor diet – express weak genes, and suppress the strong ones; while good food, good air, sunshine, stress relief suppress weaker genes and help stronger genes to get expressed. Our genes are like a book! We can read only certain pages from a book – interesting stuff – huh?
  • Poor diet & Lifestyle can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Vitamins and minerals are the nuts and bolts to our body, that hold the big pieces (organs) together. If we are missing one, there is no balance. We need the right amounts too – not too much, not too few.
  • Artificial food additives & Chemical exposure, pesticides – there are some we can and some we can’t control. We can’t really control everything we touch (chemicals absorb through your skin, while all surfaces have chemicals if they were cleaned with traditional cleaning materials or bleach), but we can certainly control the food we eat, water we drink, what we use to clean our houses with or what we put on our body.
  • Environmental pollution: some you can’t control: environment, Dr Joseph Crop: air inside is always 30-40% more worse than outside!, all need to be cleared and filtered out by our body (by extra nutrients that takes an extra toll on the bodY) – we need extra nutrition to clear our bodies out, over 80K chemicals invented in the recent 100 years – we need extra nutrition to clear it out
  • State of internal intoxicity – we are creating toxins from the inside out,  ie. constipations release toxins into the body – not taking trash out as often as we should
  • Suppressive Medications (sometimes can save our life) – they are extra chemicals to the body to work with that needs extra nutrients
Sadly (and for me alarmingly) the medical system starts measuring your health only at the bottom of the Lifestyle slope…

Slope of Health – from the Medical aspect

  • Starts with a blood test. A blood test however is not the best, earliest indicator. You can’t see what is going on in the cells. Once something is already measurable from the blood, the problem / damage is already significant.
  • Signs and symptoms are the language of the body to tell you something if off. If you ignore it or try the easy and fast way out by grabbing an OTC drug to suppress some symptoms you are just pushing them off longer till you will get a diagnosis (group of symptoms)
  • Once you have a diagnosis, you get stronger treatments, like surgery, drugs, chemo and the spiral does down.