My Food Philosophy

I love food and I believe in its healing properties. I believe in fresh, colorful, healthy, happy, WHOLE foods! Real food that’s unprocessed, as close to its origin as possible, humanely raised and sustainably farmed. That’s a source of health, joy and energy. We literally are what we eat – let’s make sure we “grow” into our best, balanced selves and nourish our bodies with the best quality fuel!
Eat what makes you feel glorious, makes you shine & glow – essentially makes you feel like a rockstar each morning – each day, all day!
How do you get there? You play! I know, I know your mom taught you not to play with your food… But I encourage you to play and tune in: how foods affect your mood, energy level, digestion and overall wellbeing. 
Everyone is different, one person’s food can be another person’s poison. I will never force a diet on you – I don’t believe in them, but I will be here to support you through your experiment to vibrant health. 
Food is what fuels us and brings us together. It helps you grow, change and prosper, while it also gives you the energy to do your daily tasks… and even more…  
Food, cooking and kitchens used to be the center of a family and the house from the beginning of civilization. Even nowadays, the kitchen is where all the cool people hang out at a party, right? Food has to be fun, social and an essential part of life – but should not take over your life either.

Food has to be delicious and should be thoroughly enjoyed – not in your car and not in front of the TV (or tablet).