2016 – super exciting, successful, challenging, exhausting

2016 – super exciting, successful, challenging, exhausting

2016 was super exciting, successful, challenging on multiple levels – mostly in a good way – and also exhausting.


I juggled a freshly started business, classes, clients, events, expos, cooking demos, research and writing while caring for a baby that grew into a super healthy (yet not much of a sleeping) toddler during this last year and also balancing family life.


2015 December was when I lead my first NourishME -Expecting Mommies class…. since then quite a lot happened:
 – launched two new classes NourishME – New Mommies and NourishME and MY Baby) with one more in the works (NourishME and My Toddler) and taught each of them multiple times
 – wrote a 70 page comprehensive e-playbook for expecting mamas that received flying reviews
 – lead private cooking classes and private client sessions
 – participated in countless motherhood and non-motherhood related events, delivered speeches, lead cooking demos and met just so many incredible women.


I worked weekends and evenings when my supporting husband could watch Zoe… test cooked while Zoe poured an entire bag of oats around the counter helping me make Lactation Cookies, built class workshop syllabus on the plane after Zoe passed out, shared knowledge at lactation groups while she played with her favorite toy – my purse (and almost lost my credit card), supported clients who have been patient enough with me when Zoe was on a hunger roll and would stop eating, hence didn’t start her nap on time, hence delayed our sessions… and cooked through a few nights to feed my family with clean, nourishing meals and juices. Managed all this while figuring out how to put and keep our fist child asleep – keeping our sanity (something we almost lost a few times).


Did I sacrifice a few things last year…. like me time and some family time? Yes, but I was doing what I love and I was doing it with true love – empowering, inspiring and educating likeminded mamas, who have a dream to raise their children a better way, providing them with the most precious gift they can give: a strong foundation of health.
Could I have done more? Of course, but I kept our family agreement, keeping our daughter and family a priority.


Now, I am (almost fully) rested up and I am ready to bring you new content and share it with more mamas. I believe I can be part of something bigger … like changing the world… by empowering families though knowledge how to raise healthy kids that have the energy to do what they are here for.

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