Christmas is about traditions, right?

Christmas is about traditions, right?

Rudolph – with his shiny nose – is back in town tonight! I wish you a wonderful time with your loved ones, spent with wholesome conversations and savoring delicious food. Enjoy the moments and smell the roses… ehem… the pine scent of your tree ?. If its not fragrant anymore you could just get some pine fir essential oil and blend it with witch hazel as we did so that we can enjoy that wonderful, refreshing scent for a bit longer. That wonderful refreshing scent that brings up so many memories from my childhood… when we used to pick out our tree with my Dad, made ginger bread houses while my Mom was baking up a storm (the most delicious one) and tried a new Christmas treat recipe every year… more and more healthy ones as the years passed. We had so many traditions!


Now, as a new, young family we have the chance to create our own. I love traditions and think they are so important! They are the glue for a family – they not just create lovely memories and comfort in knowing what is coming up they also help with building up the excitement leading up to the Big Day(s).


So as you can imagine I have been super excited about the recent few Holiday seasons – a season that families tend to have the most traditions around. I love discussing with my husband what his favorite traditions were so that we can mold the best ones from our childhoods into our own, while am always curious about other people’s traditions and holiday routines as well – as I love to learn and get a few new ideas that fits our values and lifestyle. Especially, because we both grew up in Europe, our traditions have been different.. Baby Jesus brings the gifts on Christmas Eve (and the tree – yes, we never used to put up the tree before the 24th afternoon!) and the celebration takes 2 days – the 25th and the 26th – that evolves mostly around heavy eating and countless desserts… just to name a few.


This will be our 3rd Christmas in the US. The first year we almost didn’t have a tree because we went tree shopping on the 22nd… We learned our lesson, but I also learned to love our new tradition, decorating the tree weeks before Christmas Eve so that we can enjoy it so much longer! It makes me happy as I am writing this email to you in front of our beautiful tree. Our baby can’t wait to come downstairs every morning to point towards it (then hug it) with outbursting joy, saying “Tree!” – in Hungarian of course 🙂


What are your family’s traditions? Which ones are your favorites? Anyones you dread? How intentional are you about them so that they serve you vs. become a burden after some time? Are there any recipes you could adjust to make them health-building rather than health-degrading? These are questions worth to ask.


And finally… just a little suggestion, if you will take one advice from me – try unplugging during the holidays!
Besides being able to be more present with your loved ones it has several health benefits too: you will sleep better, you will experience reduces stress, you will get some mental clarity.


Have a loving, sparkling and vibrant Holiday!


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